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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 10, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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people. the water and the flooding. >> yeah, rain everywhere. deluge on friday night. hit and miss showers. >>e still have left over flooding ccerns across the area and showers on the radar this morning. we're seeing some rain in these areas still west of 81 b some showers right around winchester way ore rain that's on its and eventually this morning if you're driving. so flood threats like i mentioned do continue for mainly northern, maryland. that's where you see the bright green shaded areas. those are flood warnings af we zoom out, this is all due to the remnants of gordon. so we're still watching that move by. it's a cold start to the morning. mid to low 60s and leesburg in the low 50s. have the umbrella going totay cloudy and keep rain in the forecast and for the rest of the week rain chancesst
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up and we're also tracking the tropics. a look at that forecast coming let's get it over to melissa. >> good morning. brand new pblem here top of the bellway. outer loop after georgia is where the crash so getting a little slow. now we have two problems ongw parkway. both of them southbound. overlooked crash on the lt side and then southbound before the key bridge. right side blocked by a crash. definitely allow some extra time this morning. no doubt it's going to little bit of time to get both of those out of the way. northbound 5 at 301. do have a crash there. that crash and little iver turnpike near duncan drive. accident involving two tractor-trailers. no injury but could be there for
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sometime. >> listen to that rain fall. if you wer out onhe roads this weekend you made good use of your windshield wipers. pounding rain fell in prince george's county making things treacherous on the roads and rain is in the forecast for much of this week. now people inalexandria will be keeping a close eye on that and the water. >> the river topped it's banks flooding king reet. justin, what are you seeing? >> good morning. right here at the corne now of king street and north union street whi was the center of the floodine saw yesterday, i want to show you the sidewalk here, lots of debris on the ground. and the s samery across the street here at starbucks. businesses were doing what they could to fight back the flooding we saw here yesterday. want to take you to some video
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from last night showing you the resultf tha rain we saw hounding this area yesterday causing the potomac to overflow it's banks and trickle over here in old town. lots ofer crowds h were caught by surprise by the quickness of that water moving in. a lot of businesses chose to stay ocon wng crowds that want to see the conditions here p close which were a surprise for all and with the flood water moving in the way it did, first responders here had to regroup. >> some of the fire and rescue came and they are helping people get up. >> we got wat moving it's way back in here. the tied ki cde kind ofing back here. we're watching water trickle back in and we'll seeha what ens today. rain coming our way this week.
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things like this could be coming for this area and many moreer again l on. back to you guy in the studio. >> justin, thank you. >> now to hurricane florence. a powerful storm churning in the atlantic right now. it's expected to get stronger and impact the east coast. >> virginia governor has already declared a state of emergency in advance of thestorm. e carolinas are expected to get the brunt of it, fromgi ge through south carolina into north carolina, preparations are underway right now. students are being encouraged to leave campus. sandbagging has already started. florence is expected to be a major hurri one by the endf the day and even if it hits the carolinas, we're probably going mo feel some impact up here. storm t 4 meteorologist chuck bell is tracking florence. >> that's right. it's important. t just about where the eye comes on shore. a storm this big has a wide ranging influence of conditions. all of which could be potentially life threatening. the most serus threat is north
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carolina, south carolina and southern and south western virginia. time frafr tie, late on thursday. the storm expected to be a category 3. hurricane, a major that's category 3, 4, or 5 and making land fall as either a high end 3 or near category 4 storm late on thursday. the storm is expected to essentially stall out. that could bring catastrophic flooding to south westernerge virginia and western parts of theh and south carolina and rain shield could bring another chance for flooding rains here friday into the ekend. she'll be back with a complete check of your five-day forecast ncwhichdes a little chance ofain for several more days. >> all right, chuck, thank you. and of course stay with newsr 4 he latest on hurricane florence and it's potential impact. for up to the minute information on the storm, you can open our nbc washington app. >> 6:50 no05 now. police are looking for three
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missing children. >> aaron, these children are all under the age of 6 and i want to get straight to their photos. take a close ok. weust spoke with d.c. police. this is what they tell us. the childrened disappe yesterday. this after they were at their grandmothers home in northeast. there w o some kind fight. some kind of dispute or argument and police believe from the woman that you see on the right of your screen, she is a o mom of of these kids, but does not have permission to be with tchild. she took off with these three children. she might besi public transportation. at this point, they don't believe she would actually harm the kids but they do want anyone with information to know about her whereabouts or have any kind of tips to contact them >>angie, thank you. it's 6:06. police are also looking for a missing teenager. take a look at her picture right now, alayah weaver is 15 years old. she was last seenid on .
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developing this morning out of dallas, texas, the whiteff policeer that shot and killed an unarmed black man over the weekend has been arrestedsh went to his apartment thinking it was her own when she saw him, she opened fire killinghim. she is now charged with sanslaughter. john's family s he was a devout christian and that his loved ones are devastated. morning,eveloping this one of the most powerful men in television is out of a jobnow. cbs announced late yesterday it is parting ways with longime ceo le sprs moonves. you mays recall t summer six other women also accused him of sexual sconduct. he denies the allegations. he received settlement worthns millio of dollars. however cbs says n it willot decide on a payment until anat investn is complete. cbs says $20 million of any
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payment will be o donated tone or more organization supporting the me too. moveme >> this morning, the cause of a fatal house fire in prince 's georounty remains a mystery. >> that fire broke out saturday night at a home. authorities believe it started in the basement and then read. take look and you can see the damage there. first responders rushed an econscious woman to th hospital. she later died. e home had a smoke detector but firefighters don't know whether it was rking. >> after an exhaustive two-day search authorities found the body of a swimmer that disappeared in st. mary's yesterhey discovered him a yunty. short distance away from where he was last seen saturday afternoon. he was from alexandriai new d coming from the former trump campaign adviser. he is o speakingng after bei sentenced to two weeks in jail. they knew he was trying to
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up a meeting between candidate trump and vladimir putin. trump was open to the idea and jeff sessions was enthusiastic t about sessions is attorney general of course. he also said under oath that he told papadopoulos that he wasn' able torepresent the campaign. >> i found myself having probing questions that ihought might incriminate the sitting pres went. >> youere trying to protect the president? >> of course. >> he pleaded guilty of lying to the fbi as part of special counsel muellers investigation. he'll snd 14 days in jail and a year on probation. >> it's now 6:09 many of you enjoy the return of sunday football but president trump is once aga bashing the nfl because of players protesting during the national anthem. yesterday the president tweeted quote, first nflame ratings are way down over an already really bad last year comparison. viewershipli dd 13%.
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the lowest in over a decade. if the players stoodroudly for our flag and anthem and it's all shown on broadcast, maybe ratings could come back. otherwise, worse. no controversy for the redskins this morning because the team pulled off a epic victory to start the new season. >> the skins conquer the arizon cardinal24-6. how some new players help secure the win in th season opener. >> for the first te in fiv years, the redskins starting the season off with a wi chris thompson started the scoring early for washington. new running back adrien peter sob joinpeterson him with a touchdown. they held them scoreless until the final minute. leading to a 24-6 victory. s their firson opening win under head coach jay gruden. >>ou guyept reminding me
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all week about the 0-4 start. we're 1-0. >> i felt like we owed that to coach gruden. the way he takes care of his guys. he deserved everything coming to him. >> the redskins moved they can n on the road. next sunday a chance to do it for their fans in their home opener against the indianapolis coach. in arizona, news 4 sports. >> off to a good start. but like the coach said, it's only one game. let's keep it going. >> 6: now. coming up the story for the co ege-bound student in your match. >> plus the biggest controversy over the weekend, serena williams losing the u.s. open after a back and forth with the p. it highlighted the double standard between women and men and now she is facing more trouble. >> another soaking day yesterday, flo warning continue across northern maryland this morning. so be smart. turn around, don't drown. avoid high, fast moving water at
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all costs. a check on the rest of the wee is coming up. >> gearing up for the big h-3 festival coming up. we'll get a preview in just a few minutes.
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the debate about sism in sports intensifies this morning after serena williams u.s. open final appearance. she was fined $17,000. it all started on saturday when the chair umpire penalizedia willms for receiving instructions from hm coach fro the sidelines. williams denied it claiming she never cheated in her life. lated she pic up two more violations. raquet, smashing the
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the other after the judge accused her of verbal abuse. criticsay male tennis stars have done worse and weren't punishle. >> many c students have a tough time choosing a field of study. a new reportay help them choose the most popular to mayor? . actuarlial science majors. it can lead to career anopportunities in f and management and graduates can earn a salary of more than $108,000. zoology is second and nuclear engineering in third. coming up in our next half hour, the latest rankings of best u.s. colleges and universities and al'll show you how our l schools faired. >> this saturday will be a celebration of culture, history and diversity in the highly anticipated h street festival. ris ripped apart the community and it celebrates the people that fought to resto that area.
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>> what can we a expect this year's festival? >> it's all about the old and the new, then and now. we're talking about different culture backgrounds, 14 stages, 300 exhibiters as well. he's the executive director that can talk about how you do this in this historic neighborhood with this festival. the old and the new and merging it all together. >> make sure that they're successful. that's the location this morning bookstore where the owner tells me they saw thisn this community. we'll talk more about it and talk about the 1968 riots and
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how theneighborhood, this neighborhood has cnged in so much of that time. when we come back. back to you. >>ho much gro in that neighborhood,u. thank >> yeah. >> sitting at 65 degrees which is kin of cool. >> it is cool, yeah. >> then we still have more rain to come. >> more rain. >> more rain, but it's not going to be like it was yesterday. >> oh, good. >> does that help? >> it does. thank you. >> you're welcome. completegoing to be a wash out of a day but we'll still have showers around. here's the radar right now. most of us sing cloudy, breezy, cool conditions with a few sprinkles acss part of the area. now as we head in, some showers approaching here. we'll expect that to move in pretty soon and if you're looking into northern maryland, we hav a couple of spotty showers here and this is also flood warnings still up for parts of northern maryland so be
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very careful as you're driving. we could have flooded adways. big picture shows all of this moisture. still more back off to our west. these are the remembnants of gordon. finally here bringing the cooler mitemperatures. to low 60s. 55 degrees right now leesburg. if you're walking the dog today you need the rain boots. you can head to their website and find out how to get that guy at home. this morning,breezy, cooler and spotty showers through the day today. we'll be close to 83 for aigh but spotty showers will be staying in the forecast. here's future weather through the afternoon. have the umbrella with you. tomorrow, cloy with showers again in the afternoon and evening. here's hurricane florenc as it continues on a westward path, becoming a major hurricane.av still the carolinas in the cone, that would be by the end of the week and to theweekend.
6:20 am
high pressure over new england should really buffer it further to the south but we still have plentyf time for the track to change. we still have less wind and rain in the forecast farther north. we have more rain and wind in the for gast and we'reng to watch this very closely as we go through the rest of the week. for us, rain chances do stay up and will be tracking florence through friday and into the weekend. that forecast is coming up. let'sead over to melissa for a check. >> good morning. outer loop after georgia avenue still has that crash and take a look at the delays here. showing you there's delays here. really slow here at the top of the beltway. the rest of the beltway looks okay but take a look re, gw parkway inbound. look at that in just a second. mlk jr. avenue southeast. blocked by therash here and here's the issue on gw parkway. two different. proble southbound after the crash on the left side. travel times70 looks okay.
6:21 am
top of the beltway, that'slehe pr right now. outer loop 95 only going 12ur miles per inbound 166 and 95 north. pretty difficult for this time of the day. remember to listen to 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> 6:21. he was the local kid that made waves on socialme a. >> take a look here. this is him dancing on a cruise ship. ♪ >> i mean, he has some moves there. he's from dunkirk, maryland and took part in a dance contest and all of teople watching him. he didn't miss a beat. >> didn't win because he's a kid. clearly he deserves this win. look athat. >> exactly. he's on ellen today. >> you didn't know somebody was welming that and then it went viral. you surprised how many people saw it? >> yeah. i never thought i would go viral
6:22 am
at the age of 10 but it ended me up on my favorite tv show, so that's okay. >> that's so sweet. >> ell will have a surprise from ryan too. ellen airs right here on nbc 4 at 3:00 followed by news 4 at 4:00. >> still ahead, now that school is back in session, parents can sometimes face a tough decision. should i leave my child home alone? the report every parent should hee before t
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this istrategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowprice. invest with confidence. welcome back.
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parents face the tough decision should i leave my child at home alone. >> we talked about when kids are ady for this responsibility. what we found out was pretty surprising. >>skevin! >> it' the classic 90s film, but in real life. >> that will never happen until we're older. >> we went out and asked parents what they think the best age to leave kids home alone. >> i would say in their ens. >> 13. because i have a 13-year-old now and he's home aloneith his xbox. >> only three states have home alone laws. according to the child welfare information gateway, maryland is one of those states a long with illinois and oregon. d >> maryl state laws states that at age 8, you are allowed to be home alone. >> montgomery county police say age isn't the only factor. parents need to be certain that theirhild is mature enough to be left alone without causing stress. >> i wouldn't leave her alone, you know, until she is quite a bit older.
6:26 am
because she would wan to impress me by baking cookies and i don't want her using the oven. >> and when they hear a knock ah door. >> i don't care who knocks at the door, i don't care what they say,t don't care w they're selling, do not open the door. >> my kids, same thing. don't open the door. but if a polic officer is at your door, what should you do then. we asked montgomery county t police andy said the child should feel comfortable asking an officer to show a badger i.d. and parents can take their kids to the police station to find out what a read. or badge looks like. >> we also reached out to law enforcement i virginia and d.c. and they both say they have home alone recommendations. >> good morning, 6:26 on your monday morning now. we're going to start today the same way we ended yesterday. with a lot of clouds, patchy showers and a lot o puddles to be jumped over this morning. a look at the rest of the foreca p coming up. s heading home and facing
6:27 am
elimination. how you can help the mystics turn tir finals run around.
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that weather alert this
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morning as we continue to track flash flood watches and warnings it may not be raining outside of your house right now like it was thiseekend but you'll need to keep the umbrella with you as you head out on this monday. we'll check out with flooding in alexandria in a ment. >> berkeley county, west virginia schools are on a two hour ecdelayse of flooding. our team is working with you this morning. melissa is keeping an eye on the roads. >> but when we get in with chuck bell for weather alerts. >> good morning. another weather alert. you just saw the video. we saw some flooding around the area. especially northern maryland but don't put the umbrella away just yet. >> not just yet. another chance you'll get rained on one, two, or three more times just today.fa the ra amounts today will be nowhere near what we saw yesterday. that being said, it will still
6:31 am
be enough to you wet and make you mad. currently rain drops moving in and likely to be some roads right there on the western end of i-66. flood warnings continue for a big chunk of northern maryland. lot of ber there's a high standing water out there. stay away from high water at all costs. right now it's a cl 55 in leesburg. a mildern5 washington and return of south westerly wind today even with a lot ofanlouds off and on rain chances throughout the day. we should be 10 to 15 degrees. >> good morning. a lot of problems here on the beltway that just popped up. three incidents all together. most of the problems is top of the beltway here. silver springs, outer loop. left side blocked by the crash there. fort washington at the woodrow
6:32 am
wilson bridge another lane is blocked. here's your other spot around ton, southbound gw parkway, two different problems there. after the overlo and before the bridge. >> thank you. right now old town alexandria residents are probably tracking the forecast closely because this is what they dealt with last night. the river rose above it'sanks blooding king street. >> now this is what we're seeing at this hour as jtetin rep earlier the water seems to be creeping back up. you're looking at a live picture from old town here, a live report in a few minutes. now flooding was not the only issue thatesents dealt with. >> with the ground being so saturated, trees toppled over in northern virginia. one fell into power lines another treeum ted blocking that area for a bit. >> we're talking about that rain
6:33 am
that's already falling and more nd come, news 4 is also working for you tracking florence. it's a hurricane right no they'll have the exact break down on the storms track coming up in just a few minutes here. emergency management officials say that now is the time for everybody in virginia to get ready for the storm. the biggest concerns are coastal and inlandflooding, damage from high wind and widespread power outages. in a video on twitter yesterday, the governor saiden res should not only prepare for orence but the rest of t hurricane season. we're right in the middle now. stay for the latest on florence and it's potential impact in our area. you can get up to the minute information in thenb washington app. >> we begin with our top stories and breaking news. d.c. police need your help finding tee missing children. take a look at your screen right now. the girls are all t under age of 6. d.c. police tell news 4 they
6:34 am
nt to the 800 block of division avenue in northwest. that was the lastlace we'they were seen. that woman may be usi public transportation. >> get a head start on your commute. one lane in each direction on memorial bridge will be closed between 8:30 and 3:00 the e bridge will be closed to driver pedestrians and cyclists. it will be reopened next monday. it's part of a twoje year p to sure up the aging bridge. >> now on news 4,emanding transparency within the catholic church. they stood outside in the rain yesterday protesting the a church's sse scandal and tonight moremoons will surface at a listening session in d.c. >> that will p takece not long after a local deacon wrote a scathing letterling for cardinal wuerl to re-sign.
6:35 am
>> deacon james garcia is normally right up there with cardinal wuer assisting him. but now he's telling us what he wrote to the cardinal. i can't stand with you any nger. >> i urged him for the good of the church that we both love so dearly, to step away from his position as arch bishop. >> t deacon is married and lives in arlington. thiss a big deal because when he was ordained he took a vow of obedience to cardinal wuerl. all of this is coming back that grand jury report. he supervised a lot of the accused priests in pittsburgh and in some cases he did a lot to make sure that certain priests did not go back to churches but in other cases he relied on psychiatrists that said it was safe for them t go back tominuistry.
6:36 am
he asked for forgiveness in lapses of judgment. thatugs not e for those that protested and demanded reform. they were out there in the rain to show their displeasure and back here now live at st. matthews, i can tell you, 7:00 tonight a group of catholics is to get together right here and they are going to be trying to figure out ways to make sure that no more chern are abused. that priests are held surentable and how to make that this never happens against. >> thank you. the mystics are now facing elimination in the wnba finals. one more loss wl send the out without a championship. last night the team narrowly lost game 2. they fell to the seattle storm 75-73. so close. you still have a chance though. the games will be held at eagle bank a arena george mason
6:37 am
university. >> the team set up shuttle service to hel you get there. wednesday is the first home game of the. series >> fan support. do you know what i mean? >> 6:37 our time now. coming up, a great start for the redskins. why fans are excited about this week onewin. >> plus preparing for a big party this weekend. >> absolutely. all kinds of acts lined up for the historic festival. wh neighborhood today.e coming up.
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>> u.s. news and world report released the top colleges overnight. >> georgetown was at the top of the area, tied at number 22 in the country. uva cracked the top 25. the college of william & mary
6:41 am
ranked . george washington university and the universy at college park tied. hord university is also in the top 100. it climbed 21 spots from last year to number 89. that'slso on top of the 14th spot decline the year before. >> that's ra are based on 16 measures of academic quality and consider more than 1,600 four year colleges and universities across the u.s. nohere's your cnbc morning business report. >> good morning, i'm ke rogers at cnbc headquaters. president trump this weekend targeting apple and ford on twitter. trump telling apple to build new factors in the u.s. following the warning that proposed tariffs on chinese goods would impact severalts prod the president also urged ford to build it's focus odel in the u.s. after the auto maker cancelled plans to import it from china. ford is standing by it's decision saying it wouldn't bei
6:42 am
prle to build the focus here in the u.s. morning. good monday we're still dealing with flooding concerns in northern maryland. at the bus stop, you need the raincoat. it's going to be cool and damp this morning. rain boots if you're walking the do and for the commute expect some showers. a closer look at the 7-day forecast and check on hurricane florence coming up. florence coming up. n> major back up to one i
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>>e have a storm team 4 weather alert. more rain is coming today. can you believe that? >> on top ofo that we're a tracking the latest path on hurricane florence. it's now a h category 2ricane and is expected to grow even stronger as it heads toward the coast. chuck and sheena are tracking in all your storm team 4us forecast ahead. >> things have turned into a
6:46 am
show down between president trump andre formerdent barrack obama back on the campaign trail. >> the white house is still dealing with fall out from thes anonymop-ed and the book out morrow. kristen welker is outside the latest. se with the >> many officials are closing ranks within the white house after that book out tomorrow followed by the scathing anonymous op-ed in the new york times. the -ed echoing scenes accounting widespread dysfunction and president unfit for office.ha more t 2 dozen officials denied writing it and vice president mike pence over the weekend saying he would even take a lie detector test. on top of all of that, f president obama is breaking with tradition in which forme commanders in chiefs don't criticize their successors, he is entering the political fray with the mterm elections about two months away.
6:47 am
aiming to help democrats take back the house calling the current political landscape a consequential momt in our history. back to you. >> kristen live for us at the white house. more i a f minutes. >> and in just a few minutes, bob woodward will give h first live interview about his new book "fear" on the "today"ow. you can watch it here at 7:00 right after news 4 today. >> we're following two national developing stories and start with a story out of texas. >> a dallas police officer that shot and killed a man inside his own home is out of jail. she posted bd after being arrested and charged with manslaughter. she went into the machine's apartent thinking was her own apartment and shot him ecause she thought he was an intruder. >> les moonves is no longer ohe head cbs. he parted ways with the company yesterday. it came hours after s women came forward with claims he sexually harassed or assau them.
6:48 am
moonves deniedin propriate conduct since allegations first surfaced this summer. >> back now to the weather alert today, there's still a lot of clean up across our area this morning after a wet weekend. treesoell over i power lines and even cutoff roads in inrthern vi. right now the tide seems to be returning >> justin is live on king street now. f the o you see in terms water moving? >> i'm seeing it and feeling it too. take a look. you'll see t gt waterng clear out into the potomac out there. the tide rising in the past hour or so makingutts way o here to where we are right now. you might recall our earlier live shots. closer to the corner there. we can do that no longer. i want to take you to some video last night. much of t same. this happened last night just as many were out here enjoying their sunday night here at old town alexandria when all of a
6:49 am
sudden the flood i water madet's way in. no secret we had heavy rain out here for hoursere in northern virginia. across our area, really and many hey this took by surprise. in fact, alandria fire rescue got their boats out here to get people to drier land. get them to their cars. get them awarom this flooding that made it's way o here yesterday evening. l even forg timers that have been out here awhile, they say this even took them by surprise. >> it's never been this bad. honestly,veryone says it' never been this bad. my manager said this is the first time its gone up this m h much. here, as you can see out that water proving to be a problem for the early morning operations here alogs kin street. the police have beenin circl his area surging anyone that makes their way in this direction to avoid the high water back there. you don't want to drive into it.
6:50 am
you don't want to walk into it ther, chuck. >> absolutely right. high and fast moving water at all costs we may be dealing with more high water concerns later in the week as florence finally comes into fruition and makes a landfall around the east coast thursday night. serious threat, especially north carolina. that's the sta most likely to be hardest hit. also south carolina and virginia in the target zone for some potentially catastrophic flooding. land fall late thursday. any impact here locally, likely to come up into friday and saturday. our main threat here will be flooding. ent wind. as i o say, the winds get all theeaines with hurricanes, but it's the water that does most of the damage and it's usual i 10-1. water damage cpared to wind damage. that being said, a major ryrricane. cate3, 4, and 5. likely to be a major hurricane making landfall somewhere closeh
6:51 am
to narolina late thursday. any interest along the north carolina coastline need to go ahead and rush them to on completi. also tidewaterin vi, south side virginia and south western virginia. roanoke valley can all be very severely impacted by this. our severe impactspe epend on what the storm does after la landfall. if it comes up the coastline we'll be hit a lot harder. it will be real problems for flooding there. we obviously j wt had akend with a ton of rain around here. your today plan, cloudy skies, 60 to 70% chance for more rain today. flood warnings still in place across a lot of northern marynd. do your best to stay away from it. it will be warmer and more humid as well back into the low to mid 80s, tuesday, wednesday, andsd thuray. we'll see what florence has in ore for us later onn the
6:52 am
week. let's see what's in store for us right now. >> trafficlert right now, we are slow in several spots. so outerloop at georgia avenue is one of them. two other problems on the beltway, left side blocked and local lanes at the woodrow wilson. both slow with the red lines snaking along. maryla city, after 198 crash there on the shoulder but we're seei delays northbound and southbound. here's another really slow spot. this is a mess this morning. gw parkway, i'd say avoid it if you have toe t it in the next hour and a half because of this here. sond both problems there this morning after the overlook and before the key bridge with lane blocked. southbound 295. the ramp to mlk jr. mpenue. blocked by the crash there right now. as we zoom up here to the potom
6:53 am
tomac river. travel times 270 not bad. top of the belt way way is slow. not bad. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. >> it's 6:53. for the first time since 2012, the skins start the season with a victory. t yesterda team conquered the arizona cardinals 24-6. some new faces to the team play big rolesncluding running back peterson. he scored his fir touchdown for d.c.un nexty is the team's first home opener against the colts.polis that game kicks off at nice to have jordan reid back from injury. chris thompson, the just looking so good. >> way to start the season. >> all right. this saturday will be a celebration of culture, history and diversity at the highly anticipated h street tstival. >> i takes a look back at the year 1968 when riots rippedt aphe community and celebrates the people that fought to restore that area.
6:54 am
what do we expect in this year's festival? >> a mix of entertainment. we have a little sampling right behind me. they're all lined up for the big festival coming up on saturday. and apart of it is new together. the new being this bookstore that i'm inside right now. why d you bring this bookstore? what was needed in the neighborhood? >> we thoug the neighborhood needed a great independent bookstore just like any neighborhood in the d.c. area. >> it didn' have one. i want to bring in brandy who can talk about the old and the new. 1968 to day, this is what the neighborhood is. >> absolutely. it's important to see what anges have taken place in the last 50 years but also to hold on to the richs tradition that still remain and are starting to leave too. >> the executive director. 100 acts, 300 exhibitors, 14 stages this saturday fro 12:00
6:55 am
on. >> it has something for everyone. that's what it's all about. >> that's what it is all about as weiteave you this fantastic group of entertainment that's on tap. just a little sampling of it all coming up on saturday for the h street festival. back into you. >> all right. thank you. >> coming up tomorrow on news 4 today, do you ever remember to clean your computer?la ops can be full of germs. susan shows us how to clean our computers. we're live from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. join us as soon asou wake up. >> it's 6:55, we begin your four things to know with break news. d.c. police are trying to find three missing children. take a look at the pictures on your screen. the kids are all under the age of 6. they went missing yesterday. they may be with the woman you see here. call d.c. police if you knowhe where are. >> catholics stood in the rain this weekend protesting the church's sex abuse scandal. tonight, more emotions are expected to a surface a
6:56 am
listening session in d.c. we're posting details on this session in the nbc whington app. >> berkeley county schools under a two hour delay because of the her. our region is still dealing with the aftermath of all the weekend rainncluding flooded roads and downed trees. ngu can keep up to date on what's happe in your neighborhood on the nbc washington app. >> we're working with you tracking hurricane florence. the track is still uncertain with some models showing her paths ending up differently. several states are preparing case.n be sure to stay with news 4 for the latt on the storm and the potentialpact on our area. check theapp. still looking at rain around this morning through the afternoon. not a lot like yesterday but cloudy so have the umbrella with the scattered showers. a little breezyhis morning but really for the rest of the week we have the rain chances but ain not like yesterday. as we go into friday, saturday, sunday, on the track later today throughout the afternoon and into the evening as well so we'll have a hopefully better idea of where the storm is
6:57 am
heading. >> couple of problems on the beltway. this is one of them. the rain is adding to the pain. outerloop we have some troub and a closure. up top, southbound after 195 crash on theul sr and gw parkway, might want to avoid that if you can. >> all right. thank you. that's the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic and local news. until then, enjoy your day. >> leave you with images from arexandria. beul out there today folks. make it a great monday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnightflorence intensifies. the powerful hurricane gaining even more strength. tens of millions up and down the east coast now racing to prepar states of emergency declared. >> prepare for the worst but hope for the best. >> this morning, al with the very latest on where and when that storm could strike. breaking news, les moonves one of the most powerful men in stllywood, out at cbs. the embattled ceping down. c more womene forward, some with graphic allegations of sexual assault and violence. fear and loathing. >> this idiot woodward that t wrotes book, which is all fiction. >> president trump on the warpath against the legendary journalist, bob woodward and hie explosive -all.


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